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Trifecta Set (3-Concealer Brush Set)

Trifecta Set (3-Concealer Brush Set)

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Grab our 3 FLATTEST & high-quality concealer brushes at a discounted rate to assist the most important steps in your makeup application!


  • Max Precision '721'
  • Max Exact '827'
  • Max Carve '1026'


*Individually packaged PVC bags*


* PRO WASHING TIP: NEVER dig your Max Carve, Max Precision and Max Exact brush into the palm of your hand or directly down into a brush cleaner pad to split the bristles. ALWAYS clean flat side up, front to back as if painting. Applying a little pressure with each turn, residual product will wash out. Once the lather has been rinsed, take a hand towel or paper towel to squeeze out any excess water as you flatten the bristles down with your thumb & index finger to maintain flatness. NEVER dry brushes bristle up as the any undried water can loosen the wooden handle & bristles will fall out; always dry them lying flat down.* 

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